16th of April 2015


ELEKTRA at the Vienna State Opera

Just a few hours before the curtain raised Linda Watson was asked to sing the title role of in a brandnew production of Elektra. There was hardly time for a stage rehearsal and no chance to meet her singer colleagues before the performance. At the end it was a big success at the Vienna State Opera.

Linda Watson and Peter Schneider

Linda Watson next to conductor Peter Schneider

November 2014

Buenos Aires

Teatro Colon's new production of ELEKTRA

The worlds largest opera house presents Linda Watson in her celebrated role of Richard Strauss' Elektra.

Roberto Paternostro will be the conductor. The staging comes from Petro Pablo García Gaffi.

Elektra Teatro Colon

Mezzosoprano Alicia Maria Cecotti wrote:

"Linda Watson - a voice that transports me and at the same time blew me away with not only by the size, but by the beauty, the color, the fluidity, the pianos, the fortes, and at times I felt as though I were water flowing through a harp. Moreover,  she is a consummate artist who not only knows her role but knows exactly what she wants in that role."

Juli 2014



With huge effort the Teatro de la Maestranza presented an incredable Götterdämmerung staging of Roland Olbeter. The conductor was Pedro Halffter.

Sevilla Linda Watson

Linda Watson as Brünnhilde, Sevilla 2014




Linda Watson was perfect especially in her vocal appaerance of Brünnhilde. (...) With her excellent craft she is able to master this demanding role sovereign.


Linda Watson and Stefan Vinke

Stefan Vinke (Siegfried) - Linda Watson (Brünnhilde)




Ganzola Roldan Erbe:

Absolutely great was Linda Watson as Brünnhilde. Her vocal power and expressiveness is exactly what one can name Bayreuth format. With best pronunciation and immediacy she brought Brünnhilde to life.

Elena Zhidkova and Linda Watson

Elena Zhidkova (Waltraute) and Linda Watson (Brünnhilde)



El Rinconcillo de Rechet:

Such an extraordinary performance is unimaginable without the voice of Linda Watson. Her powerful timbre must be mentioned. Together with partner Elena Zhidkova (Waltraute) she presented a wonderful duet. At the end she sang a spectacular final monologue.

Linda Watson

January 2014

Los Angeles

Nominee Linda Watson hits a high not at the 56th Grammy's red carpet

Linda Watson Grammy

September 2013


Public Interview

Beside her appearances as Isolde at the Vienna State Opera Linda Watson is expected as a special guest at Vienna's well known CD shop "DaCapo-Klassik":

Linda Watson at DaCapo-Klassik

July 2013


Linda Watson: The pleasure of Ortrud

An amateur recording documents Linda Watson's performance as Ortrud in Wagner's "Lohengrin" by the summer of this year:


June 2013


Linda Watson "soprano of records"

It is not only correct to give her the notice in the Guinnessbook of records to be the only soprano singer who ever sang the major role of a 7 hours opera (Wagner's Ring-Colòn, Buenos Aires 2012) but having the most appearances on official Ring Cycle recordings.

No other soprano in the world was requested for so many official records.

There are 7 official complete recordings of the Ring Cycle where Linda Watson sings mostly Brünnhilde except once where she appears as Sieglinde

Take a look at the covers of the records from Bayreuth, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Prag and finally to be out now Vienna.




Buenos Aires DVD



14th of April 2013


Deutsche Welle is devoted to Wagner anniversary

Berlin (MOZ) Under thunderous applause, on Sunday the opera singer Linda Watson glided formally with a delighted smile to the stage. Only this time it was not one of her performances in a Wagnerian opera, which had the enthusiastic spectators clap loudly in Delphi movie palace in Charlottenburg. Or at least not a live performance. Because Berlin was celebrated in the cinema premiere of the documentary "The Colón Ring - Wagner in Buenos Aires," for, among other things, the renowned opera singer was accompanied by a film crew from Deutsche Welle. (For the whole article click here!)


Linda Watson Filmpremiere

(top) Linda Watson at film premiere

Paternostro Bettermann Watson

(top) Austrian conductor Roberto Paternostro, CEO of Deutsche Welle Erik Bettermann, Linda Watson

Linda Watson gibt Interview

(top) Linda Watson being interviewed

Linda Watson mit Produktionsteam

(top) Linda Watson with production team (left to right: (v.l.: Bernhard Fleischer, L.W., Hans Christoph von Bock, Valentina Carrasco, N.N., N.N., Roberto Paternostro, Cord Garben, Rolf Rische, N.N.)

Schaukasten mit Blu ray

(top) Display in the Delphi Cinema and blu ray cover

Linda Watson gibt Autogramm

(top) Roberto Paternostro and Linda Watson signing

21st of February 2013


Linda Watson and the

Chicago Symphony Orchestra



30th of November 2012

Buenos Aires

Fit for the


World of opera has a new historical date

Linda Watson made longest opera part of the world

Linda Watson Ring Colon

Never before an opera soprano had so much to sing in just one single performance at it was in the actual "Colón Ring". The sensational project put together all four operas of Wagner's tetralogy "Der Ring des Nibelungen" in just one performance.

Beginning at 2:30 p.m. - End at 11:30 p.m.

Largest role: Brünnhilde

"Brillantly performed by Linda Watson.

Watson is known as first Bayreuth-Brünnhilde of the 21st century. Besides she is on more official recordings of the Ring than any other singer.

Soon there will be published the uge "Colón Ring" on film and CD where her singing creates a new benchmark."

Opera IT-News, Nov. 2012

Linda Watson Ring Colon

Schlussbild Ring Colon

Linda Watson Ring Colon


22th of September 2012

Germany: Düsseldorf

Premiere of Richard Strauss' ELEKTRA

Linda Watson will be singing the title role of Düsseldorf's new stage production.

Elektra Düsseldorf 1

Elektra Düsseldorf 2

Elektra Plakat


17.Agust 2012

Buenos Aires

Teatro Colón

Linda Watson in extraordinary Wagner concert

The world's biggest opera house announces a concert named "Wagner imperdible" which presents a first impression of the new compilation of Wagner's Ring. Cord Garben, elected by Katherina Wagner, reduced the most important german musical piece of the 19th century.

Julien Salemkour musical assistent of Daniel Barenboim at the Berlin Stateopera will conduct the concert.

Together with bariton Gerard Kim both artists will be heard in on the monumental argentinian stage.


Summer 2012

Wien - Düsseldorf

"Elektra" in Vienna, Austria, and "Die Frau ohne Schatten" in Düsseldorf, Germanyi

The reviews appreciate Linda Watson's unique interpretation of her latest ELEKTRA and FÄRBERIN

"Being worldwide expierenced as Wagner heroine Linda Watson has not a single problem with Strauss' killing soprano roles. ...her voice flows without fracture in every tone niveau and volume. She never has to force her organ to reach Strauss' highest notes. With a clear metallic sound she manages every psychologic and vocal strenuous effort. She succeeds in showing the emotion and intention of Agamemnons daughter without presenting her as a mad psychopathic personality."

(Sieglinde Pfabigan, DnMerker)

"Linda Watson's Elektra dominates the evening. She emits a natural authority and never acts hysterically but shows the nobility of the king's daughter. ... Her bright high notes and incredible piani crown her distinguished effort which earnd big applause rightly."

(Johann Schwarz, DnMerker)

"Linda Watson with her robust Brünnhilden voice is always demanded here (Vienna State opera) if a real dramatic soprano is needed. She offers an intelligent acting and is able to manage even hardly supernatural vocal requirements."

Frau ohne Schatten

"Linda Watson's Färberin (see photograph) was a real first class performance. Instead of presenting a Färberin who jangles all the time Linda Watson showed a lonesome and capable of loving woman. Her dramatic soprano glaced confidently above the massive orchestra sound and never lost its beauty and harmony in any pitch of the voice."

"Moreover her text understandability in that complex role (Färberin) was striking; brava!"

(Dirk Altenaer, DnMerker)


July + August 2012

Graz, Austria


Linda Watson gives Master Class

During this summer's programm of the American Institute of Musical Studies (AIMS) in Graz, Austria, Linda Watson is supposed to be Artist in Residence and will give Master Class.

August 2nd the singer will have a special guest appearance at the AIMS concert performing the monolog of the Marschallin from the opera "Der Rosenkavalier" by Richard Strauss.


June 2012

Vienna, Austria

Great success with

ELEKTRA at the Vienna State Opera

"Die Presse" called the event "an example for Vienna's unmatched authority in the work of Richard Strauss"!


Linda Watson, Simone Young, Agnes Baltsa


For the first time Linda Watson presented her Elektra interpretation at the Vienna State Opera next to Agnes Baltsa as Klytämnestra, Albert Dohmen as Orest and Simone Young conducting.

Linda Watson Elektra Wien

The evening endet with big applause and lots of Bravos. About Linda Watson it is written:

You could listen to lots of fine and sustainable Pianissimi...

...here Linda Watson showed that she is able to sing even the biggest power roles in opera literature.

Renate Wagner, Der neue Merker, 19.6.2012


Simone Young Linda Watson Agnes Baltsa

Simone Young, Linda Watson, Agnes Baltsa


Next performances on 2st., 25th und 28th of June.



18. (+ 25.) March 2012


Standing Ovation for recently "Isolde" under Daniel Barenboim:


It was a near-term engagement of Linda Watson as Isolde at the Berliner Staatsoper under Daniel Barenboim which devolped to a fantastic opera night.

Together with Ian Storey as Tristan, René Pape as König Marke and Ekaterina Gubanova as Brangäne after the reveniews Linda Watson  created a deep emotional experience for the audience.

At the end there was a long silence before the audiance raised their furios applause. Watson, Storey and Pape got standing ovation.

As announced on March 21, Linda Watson will sing in the same production on March 25 as well.



9. + 13.November 2011


Standing Ovation

after recent performance as Brünnhilde in "Siegfried" and "Götterdämmerung"

Linda Watson sang Brünnhilde in "Siegfried" and "Götterdämmerung" at the Vienna State Opera. The conductor was Christian Thielemann. Audiance and reviews were extremely enthusiastic.

Part of a review right after "Götterdämmerung":

Standing Ovations for a combination of Wagner performance wich might be solitaire nowadays. The audience enthusiasticly celebrated all protagonists of the evening. After 20 minutes it felt into rhythm applause wich is not common with the viennese audience. It was an absolute milestone and THE highlight of the saison!

...the last act of Götterdämmerung topped everything I've ever heart before in this opera house.

Linda Watson's final scene was very touchy and performed exceptionally.

Linda Watson and Stepehn Gould (Siegfried) were asked to show themselves in front of the curtain serveral times by never ending "Bravi".

For me the winners of this Ring Cycle were Albert Dohmen (Wotan), who became better and better each night and finally were accepted by the vienese audiance. Linda Watson and Ileana Tonca and Zoryana Kusphler.

This particluar Ring Cycle will be the reference for all future conductors. Everybody who was there will keep that special event in mind forever.

 Kurt Vlach, Der Neue Merker, 14.9.2011



November 2011


"Das Lied von der Erde" in Bielefeld

Dezember 2nd Linda Watson will perform Gustav Mahler's "Das Lied von der Erde" accompanied by the Bielefeld Philharmoniker.

For further details please click  here!



3rd of September 2011


Guest appearance at opening night in Hannover, Germany

Linda Watson sings "Dich teure Halle" of Wagner's TANNHÄUSER and the final "Mild und leise" of the composer's TRISTAN UND ISOLDE.


May / June 2011

Copenhagen (Danmark)

Extraordinary "Frau ohne Schatten" in the Royal Opera House Copenhagen

Conductor Michael Schönwandt offered with a thrilling sound a great evening.

Director Kasper Holten illustrated the drama of Richard Strauss and Hugo von Hofmannsthal by using modern technique. The stage with serveral different niveaus seemed do become a gigantic windows user interface.



April 2011


Publishing the DVD of "Parsifal"

Unitel publishes the brillant Bayreuth-Parsifal of 1998.

Wolfgang Wagner himself did a wonderful ageless stage production of his grandfather's final masterpiece.

The late Giuseppe Sinopoli conducts the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra in best condition.

The reviews agree: "Bayreuths strongest line-up in recent history":

Beside Linda Watson as Kundry you will listen to  Falk Struckmann (Amfortas), Hans Sotin (Gurnemanz), Mathias Hölle (Titurel) und Ekkehard Wlaschiha (Klingsor).


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April 2011


Once more Linda Watson on a book cover

Insider will recognize the soprano on Joyce Bournes "Der illustrierte Opernführer"


March 2011


Bayreuth's "Die Walküre" on Blu-ray

From all four Ring Operas of the millenium's first Bayreuth cycle "Die Walküre" only found its way on film. Now it is published to the world in best sound and brillant picture.

Besides Linda Watson's Brünnhilde you can enjoy Albert Dohmen as Wotan, Johan Botha as Siegmund and Edith Haller as Sieglinde. The conductor is Christian Thielemann.


Februar 2011


Fun: Linda in 3 D

The 3-D-fever even caught Lina Watson's fans. The soprano was photographed on a cold winter afternoon while she was walking through the  garden of Vienna's amazing Castle Schoenbrunn.

To enjoy the 3-D effect please use red green glasses!


November 2010




Baden Baden Elektra 2010 published in Blu-ray


American opera fans a mad about the spectacular new blu-ray production of Richard Strauss' "Elektra".


In best technical perfection the movie shows the high class performance of "Elektra" in Baden Baden, Germany, under Christian Thielemann. The title role sings Linda Watson.



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July / August 2010


After a worldwide success of the Bayreuth-Ring CD-Box under Christian Thielemann with Linda Watson singing Brünnhilde

the stage performance of Tankred Dorst is given for the last time in Bayreuth.

The reviews state: From one year to another the artistic quality raised to perfection. So in 2010 it really was the "first Ring of the new Millenium".


Juni 2010

Los Angeles

Erstmals in der Geschichte des Opernhauses Los Angeles wird ein kompletter, eigener Ring-Zyklus präsentiert.

In den Rollen der Brünnhilde brilliert Linda Watson.


January 2010

Baden Baden / Munich

ELEKTRA debut for Linda Watson under Christian Thielemann

Her very first appearance as Elektra was taped in HD quality.



The soprano was accompanied by tenor Renée Kollo, mezzosoprano Jane Henschel and bariton Alberto Dohmen.





December 2009


Los Angeles

In review on the first decade of the new century the Los Angeles Times remindes on Linda Watson besides other artists like Michael Jackson and Beoncy Knowles



April 2008



New York City

Linda Watson as Brünnhilde in the legendary Ring production by Otto Schenk at the MET

Linda Watson will appear as Brünnhilde when the most successful stage production of all times will be performed the last time. The director Otto Schenk personally revived his work. James Levine will conduct the whole cycle.

Linda Watson will sing the Siegfried-Brünnhilde April 30th, then the complete Ring in May 5th, 7th and 9th.





April 2009


Los Angeles

Linda Watson sings at the Los Angeles Opera the titel role in "Die Walküre".






Duesseldorf, october 2008



James Bond architect dresses

Linda Watson

Linda Watson sings in the new production of "Die Frau ohne Schatten" by Richard Strauss the role of Die Färberin. Responsible for the scenery and costumes is the awarded "Architect for plays of the year 2008"  Johannes Leiacker who created the spectacular Tosca scenery which is shown in the latest James Bond movie.


Director (Guy Joosten) can totally count on his singer's intensity which made this evening to a magic moment of Strauss-Singing. On top of all cast the "Färberin" of Linda Watson who impressed with her powerful glistening sopran presence.

dpa - Constanze Schmidt, 12th of october 2008




Linda Watson was an outstanding Färberin. Her presence and her expressive mimic and her dramatic penetrating powerfull voice were phenomenal - the ideal cast.

operlover blog - Welt der Oper, october 2008








BR-Bayern 4

9th of july 2008:




Linda Watson sings Brünnhilde

There was a need to get a new cast for the role of Brünnhilde in Bayreuth. Now Linda Watson is taking the part. So far the press agency of the Bayreuther Festspiele informed the public today.

Linda Watson agreed to sing the role this year again after conductor Christian Thielemann and the head office of the festival in Bayreuth asked her to join the team. In 2006 Linda Watson already sang Brünnhilde in the new staging of "Der Ring des Nibelungen" directed by Tankred Dorst.

In 1998 the soprano from San Francisco gave her debut at the festival of Bayreuth with "Kundry".


Linda Watson showed plenty facets of intelligent art of singing and acting.

One hardly heard the "Todverkündung" and the following catastrophy more touching and mystic in Bayreuth ever, not under Knappertsbusch, neither under Böhm - and even they had legendary singer."

Joachim Kaiser in "Süddeutsche Zeitung", 28th of september 2006


Joachim Kaiser:

Linda Watson: striking power in Brünnhilde





In 2006 and 2007 Linda Watson sang Brünnhilde in the new Bayreuth production of "Götterdämmerung". Next to her Alexander Marco-Buhrmester as Gunther





The composer's grandson and head of the festival Bayreuth, Wolfgang Wagner, congratulates "his" Brünnhilde





The soloists receiving the final applause in "Die Walküre"






New Book 2007


The newest documentation of all "Ring"-Productions Bayreuth ever produced shows on its cover

the final scene of "Die Walküre"

with Linda Watson (in front) and Falk Struckmann (behind)